Monday, April 21, 2014 the Dells

Easter. What is Easter to you?
Maybe it’s eggs, maybe it’s family time, maybe it’s spiral cut ham, or maybe it’s being able to wear white pants the next day. I hope Evan and Jaden learn that Easter is so much more—that Jesus loves all of us so much that he gave his life for us so that we can live too. This year, our Easter weekend was a little ‘unconventional’ with a half marathon, an outdoor egg hunt after a .25 road race for the boys, a waterpark, an indoor egg scavenger hunt, and a reheated Easter dinner. Instead of captions for the pictures of our weekend fun, I’ll share excerpts from Evan and Jaden’s ‘The Story of Easter’ board book by Patricia Pingry. 
 When spring comes, baby animals are born, and flowers begin to bloom. 

Springtime also brings Easter. On Easter we remember Jesus and what He did for us. 

 Jesus loved all boys and girls, and moms and dads too. He was called the Good Shepherd.
Grandmas and Aunts and boys and girls loved Jesus too. They laid palm branches in His path.

 On that first Easter, Jesus’ friends met an angel. He told them, “Jesus has risen! He is alive today!”

We celebrate Easter because Jesus lived again on that first Easter morning. 

Jesus loved us so much that he gave his life for us so that we can live too. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Marching in Fun with Grandmas and Auntie!

How does one get caught up with life after Spring Break?
Call for reinforcements!!
Aunt Laurie and both Grandma’s drove from South Dakota the weekend after we drove back from Florida. It was one of those weekends where I did not plan entertaining activities for my company, but instead, took advice from one of those ‘twins books’ and let my company have sole responsibility for my boys.
And were Evan and Jaden ever in good hands! They had so much fun, attention, and hugs!

Fun at the zoo!
 Lots and lots of flashcards! 
 "Read a book?" "Read a book?"

Arts and crafts!
 And they got to pick out lots of random 'toys' at the store......aren't those fun to clean up after?!:)
Evan and Jaden also got to eat 'veggie snacks'......and here they were told only Mickey Mouse had veggie snacks.......hmmm!