Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wet 'n' Wild Weekend in the Dells!

The boys were spoiled with attention this weekend as Aunt Laurie met us in the Wisconsin Dells to play at the waterpark. The boys have been talking about this all week, and the weekend did not disappoint! The boys received 'wolf ears' when they got to the Great Wolf Lodge....and proceeded to hop around like Easter bunnies for the next hour!

Each morning Auntie and I needed to get steps on our fitbit, so we walked to Starbucks. That also meant we had to walk by the dinosaur that is attached to a convenience store. The boys made sure we stopped each time to say 'cheese' to the dino. 
 At Starbucks, they immediately went up to the pumpkin latte sign and insisted a picture be taken. Hmmmm. Wonder how they learned about photo ops?! Clearly trained. Yes- they got to wear their PJ's on the morning fieldtrip. And yes, my children may have had a cake pop for breakfast this morning!

The boys loved the water slides. It is fun to watch how much more they can do and want to do this time compared to a year ago. 

 The boys took lots of selfies this weekend!
 Last night we ate at Buffalo Phil's and a train delivered their food. Such fun entertainment for a 3-year-old boy!! And hey, I enjoyed getting to eat my food and not entertaining them while doing so!
 Each night ended with story time by the big clock and a photo op with Violet the Wolf!
Thanks Auntie for the fun-filled weekend! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Birthday Weekend in Des Moines!

On Labor Day weekend, we met our families in Des Moines for some birthday celebrations! We met first at one of our favorite restaurants, Red Robin! The waiters sang to the boys with some birthday treats for dessert!

 Then we went to the zoo! Evan and Jaden got a zoo pass from Auntie, so we were able to use the pass at the Des Moines zoo too! It was a big zoo, and we were all hot and tired by the end!

 Since Nathan had not ridden a camel.....he took the opportunity to go with Evan for a ride!

 Back at the hotel, we spent a lot of time walking around the pond area, feeding the ducks and geese, and riding bikes. 

 The 'younger adults' all went out Sunday eve to celebrate Nathan's birthday at the Cheesecake Factory. Not sure how we had room for this white chocolate and caramel macadamia nut cheesecake!
 Thanks Cousin Elliot for celebrating Evan and Jaden's birthdays with them!!

Evan and Jaden's Birthday Party

Evan and Jaden's John Deere Farming Birthday Party!!

For some reason the M&Ms on the
yellow cake did not all make the trip in tact......but people ate it anyway!

End of July in SD!

The end of July I took the boys to South Dakota, and I flew out of Sioux Falls to Tulsa, OK for a conference. The boys got to stay in S.D. for those 4 days, and clearly, they were kept busy!
Evan and Jaden spent a whole day with Auntie in Sioux Falls. Sheels offered hours of entertainment! 

And then a visit to SDSU with Cousin Elliot and Grandma Linda.

A visit to SDSU is not complete without ice cream!!

That Saturday Auntie ran a half marathon around the Lake in Watertown. 
She had a great fan club!

 Everyone had fun on the farm!
 The boys got to play at the zoo with Grandpa Al and Great-Aunt Bondell. 

 I was very thankful for everyone in SD watching the boys. I know they had tons of fun......
and I slept very well in my huge hotel room!!!