Saturday, June 21, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend: Part 2

Several of Nathan’s cousins were visiting his Grandma Eileen in Redwood Falls, MN, so the boys and I met everyone there. Picture speaks enough for itself!
Selfie with Grandma Linda at the restaurant. 
The boys had lots of fun in Brookings and Volga. 
Evan and Jaden- taking over the President's Office at SDSU!
Arts and Crafts at Grandma Linda's
 Shopping with Evan and Elliot in downtown Brookings. What fun helpers!

Unfortunately, it rained on our outdoor activity day....but we took towels to the park, put boots on the boys, and kept the bubble machine in the garage. The boys had fun regardless!
 Grandma makes delicious pudding pops!

 Tired Jaden, Cousin Elliot, Grandma Linda, and Cheesy Evan

Memorial Day Weekend: Part 1

On the road again! Over Memorial Day Weekend, we ventured to South Dakota for our typical packed-schedule visit! This is ‘Part 1’ of pictures from our visit with family and friends.
Thanks Aunt Laurie for letting us arrive SO late to your house- our 1st stop in SD. (I'm trying not to think about that 8 mile run you made me do on a treadmill.....on 4 hours of sleep!)
I went with friends Heather and Alyssa and their kids to the zoo in Watertown. What an adventure with six kids! Jaden and Evan had just met these kids, so I think they thought that any group of kids that went by, they could just join and follow. Jaden even got popcorn from a grandpa that was passing it out….to his own grandkids. I guess there are positives and negatives about my boys not being shy!
The ultimate wing man.
Lilly, Jaden, Evan, Ethan, Taylor
 Lilly, Taylor, Jaden, Ethan
 Evan, Ethan, Lilly, Jaden, Taylor
 Aiming for the most-ever on a 4-person merry-go-round!
 The fun stuff to find at Grandma and Grandpa's house!
Grandpa- trying to teach Jaden that one cannot hit and field the same ball during a game of baseball. 


Evan and Jaden love to talk about the farm- and the kitty cats, the cows, driving the tractor, and the bugs- of course! This time they got to drink out of the hose, which is not a good habit at splash parks!
 Sit with Grandpa on his picnic bench. 
 Drive the 4-wheeler

Help with chores

And Grandpa Al even made a sand pile for them, just like he had growing up!

 Really, the sand was just a distraction for one while the other one got to drive the tractor!
I left Watertown to meet Nathan and his extended family in Redwood Falls, MN. This meant we got to drive through Minneota, very first hometown. 

More on the adventures with Nathan's family to come!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Where Did Eh Eh Go? Part 2

Jaden and I spent a day together a couple weeks ago. This time, I got to hear all day, 'Where did Eh Eh go?'

To say Evan and Jaden have different personalities is an understatement. My day required a lot of patience. I was reminded of a joke in my family......when God made me and asked if I wanted patience, I said, "no, I don't want to be a physician."  And Jaden clearly is related to me.

Although not all my plans were executed, we did have fun adventures.

Jaden enjoyed playing on two playgrounds.

 We had a coffee and muffin date!

My boys are not ones who typically fall asleep in places other than their beds or strollers, but Jaden was so tired that he did not quite make it to the checkout line. (He insisted on having his hood on.)
He loved making chocolate chip cookies.....maybe had to do with eating the chocolate chips;)