Friday, February 27, 2015

Big Brothers!

Evan and Jaden had a big day on Tuesday. They woke up in South Dakota, before the sun, and drove all the way to Illinois to meet Baby Sister. While in the car, they learned her name, Kylie Marie. However, the boys corrected their grandmas and said, ‘No! Her name is Baby Sister!’
They were SO overwhelmed with excitement when they first got to see Kylie!  

The next day they were able to hold her for the first time. It’s amazing to see how proud they are to be Big Brothers. 

Evan and Jaden got to bring Kylie home from the hospital.
They were very excited to show her their room, her room, their toys, and of course, rock her!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Last Weekend as a Family of FOUR!

Crazy to think this was our last weekend as a family of four! These boys know Baby Sister is coming....but I don't think they really know what that means! 
We took advantage of our time together and made some great memories!
Starting with making some delicious caramel rolls!
 We spent an afternoon at the Children's Discovery Museum. Evan entered the jungle gym for the first time. He didn't venture too far. 
 Jaden played with this pinball contraption for such a long time!
 Of course we had to ride the combine!
 And of all things going on at the museum, Evan enjoyed reading some books! 

We ended the night with popcorn and a movie!
 Now the boys are in South Dakota until Baby Sister arrives! I am getting caught up on sleep, emails, and organizing!

Sesame Street Show!

The boys went to their first big 'show'......Sesame Street: Let's Dance! I don't think they really knew what to expect.
   But they were very excited to see all of the characters and dance along with them. 

 Clearly there were not many people at the morning show, and we had great seats. Definitely a fun time had by all!

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Thanks to a Christmas gift, the boys started gymnastics class in January. It was the first time I left them in a 'class' setting. A gymnastics floor with trampolines, balance beams and mats to jump on----may not be the ideal place to teach listening, sitting, and taking turns! Through the weeks, they have learned a lot.....including waiting their turn!
To give them more exposure, we took them to Rising Stars Gymnastics for open gym. Ok, maybe it was also so they could run out all of their energy! They loved the soft pit to jump in, huge trampoline, and running through the obstacle course they made.....over and over again!

January 2015 - snow, puzzles and toys!

Even with the cold and snow, Evan and Jaden have had a fun January! 
Every time we go to the Children’s Discovery Museum, they find something new to play with! Dr. Jaden listened to Baby Sister’s heartbeat! And the boys enjoyed playing ‘grocery store.’ They are into learning what is a fruit; and what is a vegetable - a game of course I love!

Frequently, the boys 'make hay'......often in my kitchen!

Yea, this happened! Instead of 52 card pick up........we got to play "9 puzzles in a pile" pick up. 
They boys have loved sledding this winter!

And the best part is getting hot chocolate afterwards!
Jaden being a 'rolling pin!'

Christmas 2014

We were very fortunate not to have to travel this Christmas Season. Nathan’s family traveled to IL to stay for several days around Christmas Day. We were able to celebrate many of their Christmas Eve family traditions. Including me giving up my kitchen to Nathan…….which resulted in a delicious cheese soup! I think by my calculations, there was 3 times the amount of bacon that the recipe called for!

 The boys enjoyed their time with Cousin Elliot. 

After a 24 hour turn around, my family arrived. I’ll be honest, by this time I was exhausted! But the boys were clearly kept entertained. 

 It took 4 adults to chaperone Evan and Jaden on their first trip to the Dentist.

The boys got to celebrate Noon-Year’s Eve at the Children’s Discovery Center. 

 We are so thankful for our families and 
another wonderful Christmas Season full of memories.