Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sledding in the Snow!

Finally---we get snow that stays long enough to play in it!! Never thought I’d be saying that:) 
Last night we bundled the boys up - complete with snow pants, coats, hats, boots, and mittens that surprisingly stayed on their hands. I think it may have taken just as long to get them ready to go outside than it did to actually play outside!

Evan’s favorite part was eating the snow. His cheeks got pretty red from that cold snow. Jaden loved running in the snow. Sledding was my favorite part! Nathan and I took turns sledding with the boys.  I’m pretty sure I had just as much fun as they did!

Jaden laid perfectly still when Nathan pulled him around........what?! He never sits stills!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Twindividuality: Jaden

The Early Riser, The Smiley One, The Emotional One, it’s 5am as I write this-did I mention The Early Riser??! Younger Brother, Jaden, has always been on-the-go! He pretty much went from crawling to running. He keeps me on my toes, too say the least. But although he wakes up SO early, he is always smiling, and who wouldn’t like to wake up to this face?!

He loves to climb and has learned that toys- any shape or size- make excellent step stools. 

He works up an appetite and is a ‘good eater.’ He eats at about twice the speed of Evan. I’ll also add that when I made butternut squash mac ‘n cheese for the day care kids, he pretty much ate everyone else’s servings including Miss Lauren's……..either he is easy to fool or he was just being nice to me! 

Jaden’s security blanket. Thanks Lynae Heninger for the blankets! I guess Jaden took Evan’s blankie, too! A naptime and bedtime treat. At bedtime the blankets get passed from one crib to the next until someone ends up with two blankets and someone with two stuffed animals!

He is the first one to get his molar teeth –and boy I can’t wait until all of them are in. It really does look painful back there, and he lets us know it! I appreciate Heather Carlson’s teething tablets recommendation---what a relief for all of us!

 Jaden has a place for all of his toys. And of course, they all should fit in the hayloft of the barn. Wonder where Farmer Al parks his tractors?? Likely not in the hayloft with a cow, a ball, and a measuring cup!

Jaden was very proud when he first learned how to make baskets on his new hoop. He was definitely encouraged by the cheers from the spectators!

Evan & Jaden's Dance moves! Jaden is ready for Jr. High dances-he has mastered the sway-side-to-side!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Twindividuality: Evan

The Lazy One. The Morning One. The Crazy One. Yes, I know---don’t label! So instead of ‘labeling’ I will share some recent pictures of Evan in this post, and then in treating them as individuals, Jaden will have his own post. See, I can follow the directions in advice books! 
 I love these new bibs we got. Makes laundry time lots easier! He is ready for finger painting!
Evan is a pretty good eater. He often stuffs his cheeks like a chipmunk! 

 Evan can keep him self entertained reading books and trying to play with puzzles. 

Evan loves to make crazy faces. The windows to their toy room need to be cleaned often!
 Why keep the bagel in the bowl?? It's lots more fun to shake it all over!

 Evan is such a cuddler!

The coloring didn't last long.....crayons apparently look appetizing to a 1-year-old.

 Evan can finally walk to the basketball hoop on his own....and score!
Sometimes the simplest things bring the most laughter!