Thursday, February 14, 2013

Twindividuality: Jaden

The Early Riser, The Smiley One, The Emotional One, it’s 5am as I write this-did I mention The Early Riser??! Younger Brother, Jaden, has always been on-the-go! He pretty much went from crawling to running. He keeps me on my toes, too say the least. But although he wakes up SO early, he is always smiling, and who wouldn’t like to wake up to this face?!

He loves to climb and has learned that toys- any shape or size- make excellent step stools. 

He works up an appetite and is a ‘good eater.’ He eats at about twice the speed of Evan. I’ll also add that when I made butternut squash mac ‘n cheese for the day care kids, he pretty much ate everyone else’s servings including Miss Lauren's……..either he is easy to fool or he was just being nice to me! 

Jaden’s security blanket. Thanks Lynae Heninger for the blankets! I guess Jaden took Evan’s blankie, too! A naptime and bedtime treat. At bedtime the blankets get passed from one crib to the next until someone ends up with two blankets and someone with two stuffed animals!

He is the first one to get his molar teeth –and boy I can’t wait until all of them are in. It really does look painful back there, and he lets us know it! I appreciate Heather Carlson’s teething tablets recommendation---what a relief for all of us!

 Jaden has a place for all of his toys. And of course, they all should fit in the hayloft of the barn. Wonder where Farmer Al parks his tractors?? Likely not in the hayloft with a cow, a ball, and a measuring cup!

Jaden was very proud when he first learned how to make baskets on his new hoop. He was definitely encouraged by the cheers from the spectators!

Evan & Jaden's Dance moves! Jaden is ready for Jr. High dances-he has mastered the sway-side-to-side!

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