Saturday, February 2, 2013

Twindividuality: Evan

The Lazy One. The Morning One. The Crazy One. Yes, I know---don’t label! So instead of ‘labeling’ I will share some recent pictures of Evan in this post, and then in treating them as individuals, Jaden will have his own post. See, I can follow the directions in advice books! 
 I love these new bibs we got. Makes laundry time lots easier! He is ready for finger painting!
Evan is a pretty good eater. He often stuffs his cheeks like a chipmunk! 

 Evan can keep him self entertained reading books and trying to play with puzzles. 

Evan loves to make crazy faces. The windows to their toy room need to be cleaned often!
 Why keep the bagel in the bowl?? It's lots more fun to shake it all over!

 Evan is such a cuddler!

The coloring didn't last long.....crayons apparently look appetizing to a 1-year-old.

 Evan can finally walk to the basketball hoop on his own....and score!
Sometimes the simplest things bring the most laughter!

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