Saturday, January 19, 2013

To Infinity and Beyond!

It’s those places in my house that I never remember exist because, well frankly, I would never fit in them, and I would never think the boys would find them……..or would they?!!
I was working on my laptop at the kitchen table and right at my feet, the boys were creating their own jungle gym. That’s right. They found my secret hiding spot for tablecloths and place mats. After pulling the nicely folded items all out, they quickly learned that the flip down door could be a ramp to get them to the center of the table base. Evan was the daring one to lead this mission.

After we took down our Christmas tree, we used parts of the hexagon gate to block off those not-so-baby-proofed areas of the house. While making dinner in the kitchen, I looked over and found there had been a breech in security……..Jaden had successfully gotten himself on the other side of the gate. Reminded me of when a calf somehow was the other side of the fence than the rest of the herd. How can they get themselves to the side they aren’t supposed to be, but then never can get themselves back?
 (Yes, the blinds were originally blocked as well.....)
Where’s Jaden? 
Jaden hiding with the toys at daycare.

Today was the first day these boys got up into the papasan chair by themselves (and back down!). They played in and around the chair for about ½ an hour (that’s a long time in EJ Time).

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