Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Today was one of those days that I wish I had my blue fleece snuggy with me in my office. I never warmed up after walking from my car to my office in the morning, and I even wore my un-matchy scarf for part of the day. It’s on frigid brown winter days like this that I at least wish there was pretty white snow on the ground.
With the freezing temps today, even Evan and Jaden don’t want to go outside. However, over Christmas break, they did get to play in the snow for the first time. Aunt Laurie gave them cute snow boots – watching Jaden try to walk in them and keep his balance was pretty entertaining! Here are some pictures from their first adventures in the snow. (Last week all of this snow melted, and now we are left with just cold brown grass. Spring will come soon, right?!)

Evan- trying to make a crawling snow angel??

 And yes, they both had to taste the snow. 

 Evan tested the temperature of the snow. (This was probably the first and last time I've tried mittens on these boys!)

 Grandma Pam helped Jaden walk in his boots. We are going to have to train inside wearing the boots before the next snowfall!

Oh, I can't imagine the snowball fights the boys will have in the future. I wonder how many will be initiated by Nathan?!!

Grandpa Al helped the boys make their first snowman which they loved to look at through the window. 

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