Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5 things learned after the first day alone with 3 week old Evan and Jaden

Older brother protecting 'bigger' younger brother during their first full night in the crib!

Our help fro the Grandparents left yesterday. It was a long Monday as I was on my own for the first time. I think the boys knew something was missing. It was very quiet in our house. Today I turned on the TV more and the radio for some extra noise-I think it helped. Here are some other things I learned after surviving yesterday!

1. Jaden does know how to cry….not just grunt. Monday was the first day that I heard both Evan and Jaden cry at the same time. Yes, there was a time in the day where I had a swaddled baby up against each shoulder and I was dancing around the living room!

2. Dreft stain remover can work wonders! Lots of spit ups from Evan after he eats…..and usually after I remove the burp cloth. This Dreft stain remover though, works like magic!

3. Its okay to ask for help – Yup, day #1, and I interviewed and hired a Child Life grad student to help me out a few hours a day a couple days a week while I try to stay caught up with work.

4. Nathan can wash bottles – I literally did not have an opportunity to wash bottles and the sink was overflowing at the end of the day. With storing, mixing, and feeding, we go through 6 bottles/containers per feeding. Fortunately Nathan gave me a break after dinner and washed them all!

5. The night is possible to survive!! After a long day, I was nervous about the night…..usually one sleeps while the other one doesn’t, and then they switch after each feeding! But last night went so well. They stayed in their room all night for the first time. Each feeding still took over 90 minutes for me (feeding, pumping, getting each one sleeping again), but they did sleep so well.

Today has been a great day. I think we have finally found our routine. I even had time for laundry, bottle washing, and making lunch for myself!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grandma Pam's Adventures

Reading Time!

Snuggle Time with Grandma Pam!

Yes, Grandma mastered the art of texting while feeding the kiddos!

We have all been grateful of the help from Grandparents. Grandma Pam has been able to stay with us for three weeks. We all will miss her.....and the clean bottles, hot dinner, clean laundry, etc:) Thank you!!

Guest blog by Grandma Pam:

Finally, I have entered the Grandma Society!! Twice!! What a thrill and an honor. In the past three weeks I have discovered the world of little people. Dressing, feeding, diapers, walks, tailgating--yes tailgating before the SDSU/ISU game--church and more diapers. I take the 3am and 6:30am feedings along with the snuggles.

Jaden tipped the scale at 5/1 when he was sent home and Evan at 4/3. It was a bit scary when they were oh so little. But now we actually can see a hint of chubby legs on Jaden.

I have also discovered that I can feed and text or talk on the phone at the same time.

I am sleep deprived but in a good way---afterall, I am retired and I can sleep in South Dakota.

Monday I am leaving after three weeks with the boys. I will be back frequently and blessing to the people that invented Skype--wish that would have been around for my own parents and children to enjoy.

The Grandma Society. It’s a great club!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Evan's Big Day!

Evan--not quite sure what to think of his new car seat!!

Yeah!! Evan reached 5 pounds today!!

Our first big milestone today was Evan officially weighs five pounds!!! Now, being 5 pounds actually comes with some advantages and responsibilities.….. He has graduated out off the car-bed to the big boy carseat and he has to consume a few more ml’s in his bottle at each feeding…..his protein shakes are doing the job:)

Today we ventured to meet our friends on campus at Turner hall. My department had their annual fall luncheon picnic so the boys made their first of what will likely be MANY visits to my office. My coworkers surprised us with boxes and boxes of diapers…..so very useful! I am pretty sure Nathan empties that diaper genie a couple times a week!

Looking forward to the weekend filled with Grandparents, football, and some good 'ol fashion ISU/SDSU rivalry!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Glider-Rocker-Free Night.......Almost!

Handsome little boys!

Evan fell asleep waiting in line for the swing!

Every night last week, the boys’ time of day has been 9pm-midnight. They really just don’t want to sleep and want to hang out and play. As their mom, I really can’t blame them! I get some of my best work done at this time as well. And I’m pretty sure while on bedrest I stayed up past midnight every night, and slept in til 10am.

Two nights ago, I was so excited to have both of them sleeping after they ate at 9pm, I was exhausted. The minute I crawled into bed…… like clock work, they both woke up at 9:30 and wouldn’t get settled back down. I resorted to the pacifiers, which meant I spent the next 2 hours in the glider rocker next to their crib popping the pacifiers back in their mouths every 5-10 minutes……hmmmm…it’s like they have me trained……

Last night, we got them to sleep again at 9pm……and this time, they stayed sleeping!! They did great going back to sleep after eating at midnight, but after 3pm…..they wanted to just stay up for the day. Thanks to Grandma, each one got rocked back to sleep, and a half hour later, Jaden was up again. After getting him quieted down, Little Dude decided he should get attention, too. By the time Nathan got up for work, I left the glider rocker and went to bed while the boys got their morning Grandma time. We’ll see what schedule the boys have planned tonight for their turn in the glider-rocker!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jiu Jitsu Time!

Nathan was asked when the boys would start Jiu Jitsu......he said when they were 4 or 5 years old. Well, they decided to join the accelerated program and start a little earlier!
Here's what happened when we put the boys down for some afternoon mat-time.

In the left corner, weighing in just under 5#........Evan Schuuuuumacher!

In the right corner, weighing in at 6#.......... Jaden Schuuuuuumacher!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Twins: By the Numbers

How we found them during nap time.

Jaden slept allllll day. Not sure how the night will go!

Per a 24-hour period, these are some numbers that stand out:

22 – Diapers a day

6 - Outfits Jaden went through yesterday

6 – Trips to the crib to find the pacifier in the dark

2.5 – Hours of sleep Mom got from Midnight through 7am – thanks Jaden!

6 - Episodes of The Office watched while pumping

14 – Bottles used, thanks Grandma for washing them…….and washing them again!

3 - Outfits that currently fit Evan

1 – Load of laundry for baby clothes/blankets

264 – Pictures taken when Aunt Rachel is visiting

2 – Trips to Target, and there is already a new list started

Tomorrow is a new day and the numbers start again!! But the number of hours with them are truly priceless!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Our First Night.....We did survive!

After Jaden's first bath! Neither of the boys cried!

Naptime! They have slept a lot today......not sure what that means for tonight?!

Top 10 things learned after having the twins home for a night.

10. Jaden has his mother’s sleeping habits; Evan has his father’s. After two sets of three hours of sleep, Jaden was good to go and ready for the day, too bad it was only 2am.

9. A Target-run may be needed today for a pacifier.

8. Finally learned that Nathan really can cook well-thanks for the meals, Nathan!

7. My last purchase online while on bedrest: the glider rocker= a wonderful investment. I think Grandma would agree as she spent 2 hours in it rocking Jaden.

6. When they wet through clothing at night, be sure to have new outfits ready, otherwise, you’ll end up grabbing the first thing you can find, and may even end up putting it on inside out.

5. Our 1:1.5 ratio of baby to adult should at least be doubled for adequate sleep.

4. Color coding, premixing and having post-it reminders of which bottles are for which baby for each feeding really does help…..but doesn’t ensure that Evan will get the blue color and Jaden gets the yellow…….all look the same at 4am!

3. Putting the babies in alphabetical order from left the right in the crib is a must. Otherwise you really don’t know who you are picking up in the dark.

2. Dressing them in the same color hats adds much confusion as you figure out who you are changing and feeding.

1. Coffee with French vanilla creamer never tasted so good this morning

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally Home!!

The boys were officially discharged from the hospital today!! After a long day Wednesday, things started to click- they boys are feeding better and Evan maintained his temp for 24 hours outside of the incubator, so they were able to send us all home.

Because our car seats are made for 5 pounds and up, Evan had to go home in a car bed. After seeing how the car bed works, I personally wouldn’t mind a car bed for myself on our long drives to South Dakota! Both did great in the car and we learned that a car ride actually wakes Jaden up, instead of soothing him to sleep---note to self. Jaden spent the first hour at home wide awake just looking around. I think that means he will sleep well tonight after being up for so long-right?!?

We are fortifying their milk to create 24 calories/ml instead of 20 calories/ml to help increase their weight gain- thus, I get to use my rusty pediatric nutrition skills for calculating and counting their calorie intake. What makes it complicated is now there are lots of bottles and each boy gets a different flow bottle nipple---lots of coloring coding and labeling for the feedings tonight at 10pm, 1am, 4am, and 7am. We will have to see how the night and our plan actually go:)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hospital Pictures

Here is a link to the pictures the hospital took:

Click on view my photos
Password: tals0902schumacher

Tuesday's Update!

Yes- He was able to free his hands! Little Houdini!

Premie Size is just right!

Newborn size--little room to grow!

Evan has been in the incubator to help maintain his temp. He is able to still come down to my room to feed with Jaden. BroMenn has a very slow protocol for decreasing the temp of the incubator- he finally just made it today to the magic number. Now he has to maintain an adequate body temp for 24 hours outside of the incubator. Jaden is just hanging out at BroMenn waiting for his brother. Yesterday he played dress-up with Grandma! See pics!

Jaden was circumcised today…..thus our calm-sleepy child was a little bit fussy today!:) I was discharged yesterday, but get to stay in my same room (just without nursing service) until the boys are released. It was nice to be able to leave and home for lunch today, but it will be really great to have the boys at home! Otherwise, everything else with the boys looks great, which we are so thankful for.

Evan's Home Away from Home

Grandma Pam and Grandpa Al Visit their first Grandchildren!

Nathan's Birthday!

Sunday, September 4th - the boys help celebrate their Dad's birthday!!

Welcome Evan and Jaden!!

Our house has officially expanded by 4 feet!!

Friday, September 2nd at 2:03pm Evan John, A.K.A Baby A, was born: 4
lbs 6 oz. and 17" Followed closely behind by his younger brother at
2:04pm, Jaden Edward, A.K.A Baby B, 5 lbs 12 oz and 17 ½ inches.

After going to an 8am doctor's appointment, we find out that we are delivering these boys Today!! The estimated weight of the twins was pushing a 25% difference which is the cut off. The doctor thought it was best for delivery to give the little guy better source of nutrients outside. With an hour at home to get ready to head to the hospital-- our adventure was just beginning!