Friday, September 23, 2011

Evan's Big Day!

Evan--not quite sure what to think of his new car seat!!

Yeah!! Evan reached 5 pounds today!!

Our first big milestone today was Evan officially weighs five pounds!!! Now, being 5 pounds actually comes with some advantages and responsibilities.….. He has graduated out off the car-bed to the big boy carseat and he has to consume a few more ml’s in his bottle at each feeding…..his protein shakes are doing the job:)

Today we ventured to meet our friends on campus at Turner hall. My department had their annual fall luncheon picnic so the boys made their first of what will likely be MANY visits to my office. My coworkers surprised us with boxes and boxes of diapers… very useful! I am pretty sure Nathan empties that diaper genie a couple times a week!

Looking forward to the weekend filled with Grandparents, football, and some good 'ol fashion ISU/SDSU rivalry!


  1. Evan is winking in his carseat! So cute!

  2. It was so great to see you and the boys! I sure am looking forward to their trips to the office :)