Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Glider-Rocker-Free Night.......Almost!

Handsome little boys!

Evan fell asleep waiting in line for the swing!

Every night last week, the boys’ time of day has been 9pm-midnight. They really just don’t want to sleep and want to hang out and play. As their mom, I really can’t blame them! I get some of my best work done at this time as well. And I’m pretty sure while on bedrest I stayed up past midnight every night, and slept in til 10am.

Two nights ago, I was so excited to have both of them sleeping after they ate at 9pm, I was exhausted. The minute I crawled into bed…… like clock work, they both woke up at 9:30 and wouldn’t get settled back down. I resorted to the pacifiers, which meant I spent the next 2 hours in the glider rocker next to their crib popping the pacifiers back in their mouths every 5-10 minutes……hmmmm…it’s like they have me trained……

Last night, we got them to sleep again at 9pm……and this time, they stayed sleeping!! They did great going back to sleep after eating at midnight, but after 3pm…..they wanted to just stay up for the day. Thanks to Grandma, each one got rocked back to sleep, and a half hour later, Jaden was up again. After getting him quieted down, Little Dude decided he should get attention, too. By the time Nathan got up for work, I left the glider rocker and went to bed while the boys got their morning Grandma time. We’ll see what schedule the boys have planned tonight for their turn in the glider-rocker!

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