Friday, September 9, 2011

Our First Night.....We did survive!

After Jaden's first bath! Neither of the boys cried!

Naptime! They have slept a lot today......not sure what that means for tonight?!

Top 10 things learned after having the twins home for a night.

10. Jaden has his mother’s sleeping habits; Evan has his father’s. After two sets of three hours of sleep, Jaden was good to go and ready for the day, too bad it was only 2am.

9. A Target-run may be needed today for a pacifier.

8. Finally learned that Nathan really can cook well-thanks for the meals, Nathan!

7. My last purchase online while on bedrest: the glider rocker= a wonderful investment. I think Grandma would agree as she spent 2 hours in it rocking Jaden.

6. When they wet through clothing at night, be sure to have new outfits ready, otherwise, you’ll end up grabbing the first thing you can find, and may even end up putting it on inside out.

5. Our 1:1.5 ratio of baby to adult should at least be doubled for adequate sleep.

4. Color coding, premixing and having post-it reminders of which bottles are for which baby for each feeding really does help…..but doesn’t ensure that Evan will get the blue color and Jaden gets the yellow…….all look the same at 4am!

3. Putting the babies in alphabetical order from left the right in the crib is a must. Otherwise you really don’t know who you are picking up in the dark.

2. Dressing them in the same color hats adds much confusion as you figure out who you are changing and feeding.

1. Coffee with French vanilla creamer never tasted so good this morning

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