Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5 things learned after the first day alone with 3 week old Evan and Jaden

Older brother protecting 'bigger' younger brother during their first full night in the crib!

Our help fro the Grandparents left yesterday. It was a long Monday as I was on my own for the first time. I think the boys knew something was missing. It was very quiet in our house. Today I turned on the TV more and the radio for some extra noise-I think it helped. Here are some other things I learned after surviving yesterday!

1. Jaden does know how to cry….not just grunt. Monday was the first day that I heard both Evan and Jaden cry at the same time. Yes, there was a time in the day where I had a swaddled baby up against each shoulder and I was dancing around the living room!

2. Dreft stain remover can work wonders! Lots of spit ups from Evan after he eats…..and usually after I remove the burp cloth. This Dreft stain remover though, works like magic!

3. Its okay to ask for help – Yup, day #1, and I interviewed and hired a Child Life grad student to help me out a few hours a day a couple days a week while I try to stay caught up with work.

4. Nathan can wash bottles – I literally did not have an opportunity to wash bottles and the sink was overflowing at the end of the day. With storing, mixing, and feeding, we go through 6 bottles/containers per feeding. Fortunately Nathan gave me a break after dinner and washed them all!

5. The night is possible to survive!! After a long day, I was nervous about the night…..usually one sleeps while the other one doesn’t, and then they switch after each feeding! But last night went so well. They stayed in their room all night for the first time. Each feeding still took over 90 minutes for me (feeding, pumping, getting each one sleeping again), but they did sleep so well.

Today has been a great day. I think we have finally found our routine. I even had time for laundry, bottle washing, and making lunch for myself!

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