Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Freeport Pretzels!

In August we spent a day in Freeport, IL and got to see extended family members!
Emma (2 months) and Kylie (5 months), second cousins. 
 The carousel at Krape Park! Yes, the boys convinced Grandpa they needed to ride it a second time!
 Ethan, Evan and Jaden climbing on the firetruck. 
 Who's having more fun?!!
Kiddos with Great-Aunt Sally and Great-Uncle Joel!
  Grandma Pam had her (unidentified number) class reunion:) 

Summer Swimming!

To say the boys had a fun summer swimming at our neighborhood pool would be an understatement! We have endless memories of fun with friends swimming and soaking in the sun. Kylie enjoyed the water as well, but I clearly was holding on tight to her and didn't take many pictures of her in the water. (#secondchildsyndrome)

 Splash parks are still tons of fun for the boys. Hard to imagine next summer Kylie will be joining in the fun!
 For me, it was amazing to watch the progress Evan and Jaden made in their swimming skills! 
Much thanks to their swimming instructor, Erik!!