Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby Races!

Here is a video from when Evan and Jaden were about one month old. They would kick so much during tummy time that we learned they pushed off of things in the process. Thus, the beginning of baby races!

And of course, tummy time brings lots of crying, FYI!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby Jesus!

When a gal from church asked if one of the boys would be Jesus in the live nativity this past Sunday, I couldn’t say no. What an honor! After agreeing I found out that that would mean Nathan and I would play Joseph and Mary! We decided to make it a game-day decision on who would play the part of Jesus. It was nice going to church knowing that we an understudy for the part of baby Jesus.

Jaden had a fussy morning, so Evan played Baby Jesus. Jaden watched from the back and fell asleep during it:)

The boys reading their first Christmas book!

To watch part of the March to the Manger--it is at the end of the sermon:
(Anxiety to Acceptance 12-18-11) once it loads press play and scroll to 24 minutes.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Ever since our tree went up (Thanks family for helping with that over Thanksgiving weekend!) the boys have loved to look at the lights on the tree. Lights and ceiling fans could keep the boys entertained for hours!

We are lucky that this year we do not have to travel over the holidays. Although the weather looks perfect for the long car ride. Nathan’s parents will be visiting over the Christmas weekend, and my family will come for New Year’s weekend. As we celebrate our first Christmas with the boys, I am interested to know what your family traditions are? From games to gifts to food, each family seems to have something special that they look forward to each year. Leave me a comment with your traditions, and/or what you do to make the Holidays a special time for kids!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Gift that Keeps on Giving.......


Yes. Again.

Mid November, at the end of our travels in South Dakota, Nathan got strep throat. So this is a hardy strain of strep. Three days later, I got it. And 5 days after my meds were gone (3 days after S.D. relatives left after Thanksgiving) I got it again. 3 days later, Nathan. 2 days later our friend and day care provider (who we did hang out with before Nathan knew he was getting it) got it. And now again, I tested positive, 5 days after my meds ran out……but trying to think of where I got it from----I was not really in contact with anyone this past weekend.

I share all of that and then note that our pediatrician tells us over and over that babies can’t get strep. Well, last week, Jaden developed a bad rash. It almost looked too gross to be called a ‘rash’…..but we’ll go with that! And the statin (antifungal) cream wasn’t doing anything. The day I found out I had strep again, I asked for an antibiotic for Jaden instead of the cream. He loves the amoxicillin and the day after he started the antibiotic, his rash is improving! Yeah! We are going to get more antibiotics for Evan – because if he doesn’t have this yet, he will!

There is still a mystery to our strep carrier. I have Lysoled and Cloroxed wiped everything down….three times. We don’t have a cat or a dog (I guess some can be carriers). The babies are the only true common thread in all three cases. Please post any other ideas you have regarding finding the carrier!

Luckily, Jaden and Evan have been sleeping well, eating well, and showing off their smiles!

Jaden: drinking his medicine like it's candy. I must say, it does smell pretty tasty!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Remembering an Amazing Mom

After finding out we were having twins, the first person I shared this with was my dear friend and colleague, Tricia Widner Johnson. She was someone I could trust, share dreams with, and gain insight about raising boys as she had three boys of her own. This past June she passed away unexpectedly. Turner Hall is just not the same without her. A month before she passed, she gave a baby gift to another colleague, Elizabeth, who had just had a baby boy. Elizabeth graciously gave me that gift which included this adorable plush elephant which chimes rock-a-bye baby. It brings tears to my eyes every time it plays. Today, December 9th, was Tricia’s birthday. I thought about her a lot today, and this elephant helps me remember her love for her family and what a wonderful mom she was.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy 3 Month Birthday!

Jaden and Evan: 3 Months



Cliché, but I cannot believe it has been three months!! So many changes in just the past month. Probably the biggest change is sleep!! Evan is now out of the car seat at night and is sleeping in his own crib. We have the mattress at a slight incline to hopefully help with any reflux. So far he has been doing really well at night. We have our routine down: In the evenings we feed them at 6, 8 and 10pm. I term it ‘front loading’! After feeding at 10pm, the boys fall asleep on their own while I pump and they do not wake until 5:30 or 6. Actually, Jaden is the one to wake first. And he’s not screaming hungry, he is just ready to play. He comes downstairs with me to get the bottles ready, make coffee for myself, and then we go back upstairs to wake Evan. After feeding them around 6, they both have been taking a morning nap in the same crib until they eat again around 9am and then we head to daycare. They love daycare and all their daycare buddies!! They don’t sleep much there, but I’m told they behave. Hopefully these sleep-filled nights continue!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Taking the Plunge!

Baptism Day

Sunday, November 27, 2011

This past Sunday Evan and Jaden were baptized at Calvary Methodist Church. Pastors Randy and Grant performed the baptism and our friend Michael Pitzer was able to sneak away from his duties with the high school Sunday school to hold the baptismal font. After being baptized, the pastors walked with each of them around the congregation while everyone sang “Jesus Loves Me.” It was truly a beautiful baptismal service.

Jaden and Evan's Godparents are Uncle Kyle & Aunt Rachel

and Aunt Laura respectively.

Evan loves moving his arms around - just can't sit still!

Honorary sponsors Jonah and Elliott. After meeting Evan and Jaden when they were just weeks old, Elliott was just certain he and Jonah were their Godparents! He even took their birth announcement for show-n-tell – too cute!