Friday, December 9, 2011

Remembering an Amazing Mom

After finding out we were having twins, the first person I shared this with was my dear friend and colleague, Tricia Widner Johnson. She was someone I could trust, share dreams with, and gain insight about raising boys as she had three boys of her own. This past June she passed away unexpectedly. Turner Hall is just not the same without her. A month before she passed, she gave a baby gift to another colleague, Elizabeth, who had just had a baby boy. Elizabeth graciously gave me that gift which included this adorable plush elephant which chimes rock-a-bye baby. It brings tears to my eyes every time it plays. Today, December 9th, was Tricia’s birthday. I thought about her a lot today, and this elephant helps me remember her love for her family and what a wonderful mom she was.

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  1. Sorry the video is so dark---it is bedtime so the boys are wrapped up and the lights are not all on. A minute after shutting the lights off, the boys fell asleep to rock-a-bye baby:)