Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kylie's Baptism

Not only was this weekend the unofficial start of summer and the opening of the pool……we also celebrated Kylie’s Baptism!

A couple days beforehand, we started talking to Evan and Jaden about the baptism and water on Kylie’s head- trying to keep it simple. I later asked Evan what was going to happen on Sunday. He replied, ‘It’s her backtism. She’s going to get water on her back.’ 

Jaden was very curious about the water. The pastors were so patient with Evan and Jaden wanting them to understand and be a part of the day.

The boys could only stand still and smile for so long....

Godparents Dan and Brooke.

Thank you family for driving all this way for Kylie’s special day. It meant so much!
Click here to watch the baptism! Thanks Lauren for videotaping!

The Adventure of 3 Boys at the Zoo!

Call us crazy…….but Brooke and I had a fun time escorting 5, yes FIVE, children to the zoo on Saturday! We had a method to our madness, a supply of veggie snacks, and made sure to stop for coffee for ourselves first!
Three Crazy Kangaroos!
 Tucker checking out the porcupine while Evan explains that it will make ouchie.
 Thankful for hand-sanitizer!
 The boys had a wonderful time! And the girls slept for the majority of the trip!
 Unfortunately it started to rain, so we had to skip the merry-go-round, but now we have a reason to go back!

1st Day of 'School!'

Since the boys' birthday is the 2nd of September, they have to wait a year to attend 4-year-old preschool this coming year. After much debate on finding a 3-year-old preschool, I thought the perfect compromise was ‘summer school.’ The ISU Childcare Center for 3-5 year-olds is literally right down the hall from my office. During the 7 weeks of ISU’s summer school, Evan and Jaden will attend. This appears to be a good transition for them with structured days, yet a play-based learning environment. I have heard so many great things from other co-workers who have sent their kids here, that I am excited for what the next month and a half will bring!
 Evan and Jaden walking into Turner on their first day!

Mother's Day Weekend!

Hello, South Dakota!! 
Kylie and I surprised her Grandma's for Mother's Day Weekend! Shhhh. Don't tell Jaden. She got to ride an airplane before him! However, the boys appeared to have tons of fun at home with Nathan. I mean what beats a weekend of blanket forts, bike rides, pizza?!
After spending an afternoon and night with Aunt Laurie, Kylie traveled to Volga to visit Grandma Linda. Thanks Aunt Rachel for helping with the surprise!

Cousin Elliot loved to give Kylie kisses.
Grandma Pam was a little more difficult to surprise. She had plans to shop for flowers at a greenhouse Saturday and insisted on driving to Brookings at a particular time to meet Aunt Laurie. So of course Kylie and I were there as well!

Yes, we did make sure Grandma Pam got her flowers!
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!

We had lunch at the lake at met up with Great-Aunt Bondell and Great-Uncle Chuck.

Found lots of fun toys downstairs including a doll bed with a quilt made by Kylie's Great-Great-Grandma! 
Fun to see the Richard, Jenny and Grant Anderson who just happened to be in town as well!  (Miles was sleeping).

Miss Kylie and I had a wonderful weekend. Oh, I almost forgot the best part. Two nights in a row she slept for 9-10 hours straight......and so did I. The best Mother's Day gift!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

April 2015 pics

The boys love playing outside. Many evenings we walk to a park. There are four parks within about a mile of our house. There’s a combination of ways to ‘walk’ three kids to a park: Evan and Jaden ride in the double stroller while I wear Kylie in a wrap; or Kylie rides in a stroller and Evan and Jaden ‘help’ push her; or I wear Kylie in a wrap and Evan and Jaden walk.
Parks have these cool foreign objects called ‘dandelions.’ The boys love to pick the yellow ones and of course, blow the seeds on the ‘white flowers.’
Kylie can now sit up in a bumbo seat. It’s a great workout for her, so she doesn’t like to be in there for too long! 

Family Movie Night!

Kylie is growing—one month ago and today!

The biggest change that started this month was daycare! Kylie started to go full time at daycare with Evan and Jaden. Here is a picture from day #1 with protective big brothers. I told Miss Sherrie that Kylie took a nice long afternoon nap. When I went to pick the kids up, I was told Kylie had her days flipped and slept literally all morning. We are still figuring out this schedule-thing~ not as big of a deal with 1 versus 2 babies!

Kylie's 2 Months old!

April 24th, 2015
Kylie is 2 months old!

Kylie learned to smile!
She loves being swaddled at night. 
She sleeps in her own crib. 
She can nap anywhere. 
Kylie has traveled and 'stepped foot' in three states during her 2nd month. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

April in SD

Since I got this new minivan…..I thought I better drive it somewhere! Call me crazy, but I drove two 3-year-olds and a 7 week old from Illinois to South Dakota. 

Here are the top 10 reasons why this was a good decision:

1.   Kylie slept the WHOLE time in the car. I drove with the boys when they were about the same age and I was so worried—but they slept the whole trip, too.

2.   In the past 12 years, I have never been to South Dakota during the month of April. April is just an all around busy month at work, so being able to work from home this semester, I decided a road trip to help celebrate Grandpa Al’s birthday was in order!
3.   The boys ventured to Chuck E Cheese for the first time……we are going to pretend that only Auntie has a Chuck E Cheese in her town! They still are talking about it….. ‘Last night we played the apple game at Chucky Cheese!’
4.   There are still baby calves at the farm in April! The twin boys got to meet the twin calves. They played with a sand pile, met their calves, and of course drove the tractor and four-wheeler.

5.   The zoo is not crowded in April. 
6.   Grandma Linda got a picture with all of her Grandkids!
7.   Kylie ate at Perkins for the first time and met many of her extended family!

8.   Evan and Jaden graduated out of the bedroom and to the living room for a true sleep-over at Auntie’s. (Yes, this may have been strategically done to protect Kylie who was in the bedroom!)
9.   The Schumacher kiddos were able to meet and play with the Christensen kiddos! Evan and Jaden had a lot of built up energy to run out in their basement- Thanks Taylor!
10.        Even after a long car ride home, Kylie was exhausted and ready for bed. Love my sleeper!