Tuesday, May 26, 2015

April 2015 pics

The boys love playing outside. Many evenings we walk to a park. There are four parks within about a mile of our house. There’s a combination of ways to ‘walk’ three kids to a park: Evan and Jaden ride in the double stroller while I wear Kylie in a wrap; or Kylie rides in a stroller and Evan and Jaden ‘help’ push her; or I wear Kylie in a wrap and Evan and Jaden walk.
Parks have these cool foreign objects called ‘dandelions.’ The boys love to pick the yellow ones and of course, blow the seeds on the ‘white flowers.’
Kylie can now sit up in a bumbo seat. It’s a great workout for her, so she doesn’t like to be in there for too long! 

Family Movie Night!

Kylie is growing—one month ago and today!

The biggest change that started this month was daycare! Kylie started to go full time at daycare with Evan and Jaden. Here is a picture from day #1 with protective big brothers. I told Miss Sherrie that Kylie took a nice long afternoon nap. When I went to pick the kids up, I was told Kylie had her days flipped and slept literally all morning. We are still figuring out this schedule-thing~ not as big of a deal with 1 versus 2 babies!

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