Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend!

Hello, South Dakota!! 
Kylie and I surprised her Grandma's for Mother's Day Weekend! Shhhh. Don't tell Jaden. She got to ride an airplane before him! However, the boys appeared to have tons of fun at home with Nathan. I mean what beats a weekend of blanket forts, bike rides, pizza?!
After spending an afternoon and night with Aunt Laurie, Kylie traveled to Volga to visit Grandma Linda. Thanks Aunt Rachel for helping with the surprise!

Cousin Elliot loved to give Kylie kisses.
Grandma Pam was a little more difficult to surprise. She had plans to shop for flowers at a greenhouse Saturday and insisted on driving to Brookings at a particular time to meet Aunt Laurie. So of course Kylie and I were there as well!

Yes, we did make sure Grandma Pam got her flowers!
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!

We had lunch at the lake at met up with Great-Aunt Bondell and Great-Uncle Chuck.

Found lots of fun toys downstairs including a doll bed with a quilt made by Kylie's Great-Great-Grandma! 
Fun to see the Richard, Jenny and Grant Anderson who just happened to be in town as well!  (Miles was sleeping).

Miss Kylie and I had a wonderful weekend. Oh, I almost forgot the best part. Two nights in a row she slept for 9-10 hours straight......and so did I. The best Mother's Day gift!!

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