Wednesday, May 13, 2015

April in SD

Since I got this new minivan…..I thought I better drive it somewhere! Call me crazy, but I drove two 3-year-olds and a 7 week old from Illinois to South Dakota. 

Here are the top 10 reasons why this was a good decision:

1.   Kylie slept the WHOLE time in the car. I drove with the boys when they were about the same age and I was so worried—but they slept the whole trip, too.

2.   In the past 12 years, I have never been to South Dakota during the month of April. April is just an all around busy month at work, so being able to work from home this semester, I decided a road trip to help celebrate Grandpa Al’s birthday was in order!
3.   The boys ventured to Chuck E Cheese for the first time……we are going to pretend that only Auntie has a Chuck E Cheese in her town! They still are talking about it….. ‘Last night we played the apple game at Chucky Cheese!’
4.   There are still baby calves at the farm in April! The twin boys got to meet the twin calves. They played with a sand pile, met their calves, and of course drove the tractor and four-wheeler.

5.   The zoo is not crowded in April. 
6.   Grandma Linda got a picture with all of her Grandkids!
7.   Kylie ate at Perkins for the first time and met many of her extended family!

8.   Evan and Jaden graduated out of the bedroom and to the living room for a true sleep-over at Auntie’s. (Yes, this may have been strategically done to protect Kylie who was in the bedroom!)
9.   The Schumacher kiddos were able to meet and play with the Christensen kiddos! Evan and Jaden had a lot of built up energy to run out in their basement- Thanks Taylor!
10.        Even after a long car ride home, Kylie was exhausted and ready for bed. Love my sleeper!

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