Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kylie's Baptism

Not only was this weekend the unofficial start of summer and the opening of the pool……we also celebrated Kylie’s Baptism!

A couple days beforehand, we started talking to Evan and Jaden about the baptism and water on Kylie’s head- trying to keep it simple. I later asked Evan what was going to happen on Sunday. He replied, ‘It’s her backtism. She’s going to get water on her back.’ 

Jaden was very curious about the water. The pastors were so patient with Evan and Jaden wanting them to understand and be a part of the day.

The boys could only stand still and smile for so long....

Godparents Dan and Brooke.

Thank you family for driving all this way for Kylie’s special day. It meant so much!
Click here to watch the baptism! Thanks Lauren for videotaping!

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