Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally Home!!

The boys were officially discharged from the hospital today!! After a long day Wednesday, things started to click- they boys are feeding better and Evan maintained his temp for 24 hours outside of the incubator, so they were able to send us all home.

Because our car seats are made for 5 pounds and up, Evan had to go home in a car bed. After seeing how the car bed works, I personally wouldn’t mind a car bed for myself on our long drives to South Dakota! Both did great in the car and we learned that a car ride actually wakes Jaden up, instead of soothing him to sleep---note to self. Jaden spent the first hour at home wide awake just looking around. I think that means he will sleep well tonight after being up for so long-right?!?

We are fortifying their milk to create 24 calories/ml instead of 20 calories/ml to help increase their weight gain- thus, I get to use my rusty pediatric nutrition skills for calculating and counting their calorie intake. What makes it complicated is now there are lots of bottles and each boy gets a different flow bottle nipple---lots of coloring coding and labeling for the feedings tonight at 10pm, 1am, 4am, and 7am. We will have to see how the night and our plan actually go:)


  1. Welcome home, babies, and Mom! I agree, Jules, I want a car bed for myself for trips back to SD. :) Love how in the photo with their green outfits on, they are posing alike.

    Question for a future blog post: When their eyes are open, how alike do they look? I know they aren't identical, but they sure look similar in the photos so far. I can only tell them apart based on size.

    Also, tell Grandma Pam her fans demands a guest post at some point. I want to hear what it's like to be a grandma of twins!

  2. or p.s. I'd also accept a Weather.Pam report.

  3. Ashley- Thanks for your comments--too funny!
    I will work on a photo of them with their eyes the same time:)

    As for being identical. At 12 weeks along I was told they were not identical as they had their own sack and placenta, then at 18 weeks, that same doctor told me there was a 30% chance of them being identical since they were both boys. After delivery, there was only once placenta (that explains how Jaden was 'stealing' nutrients from Evan), which means there is definitely a chance they are identical. As Evan catches up in weight, we'll maybe be able to tell more. Otherwise, there's an expensive test you can have done to find out for sure. Either way, when they aren't together, I have a hard time figuring out who is who!