Sunday, September 11, 2011

Twins: By the Numbers

How we found them during nap time.

Jaden slept allllll day. Not sure how the night will go!

Per a 24-hour period, these are some numbers that stand out:

22 – Diapers a day

6 - Outfits Jaden went through yesterday

6 – Trips to the crib to find the pacifier in the dark

2.5 – Hours of sleep Mom got from Midnight through 7am – thanks Jaden!

6 - Episodes of The Office watched while pumping

14 – Bottles used, thanks Grandma for washing them…….and washing them again!

3 - Outfits that currently fit Evan

1 – Load of laundry for baby clothes/blankets

264 – Pictures taken when Aunt Rachel is visiting

2 – Trips to Target, and there is already a new list started

Tomorrow is a new day and the numbers start again!! But the number of hours with them are truly priceless!

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