Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Where Did Eh Eh Go? Part 2

Jaden and I spent a day together a couple weeks ago. This time, I got to hear all day, 'Where did Eh Eh go?'

To say Evan and Jaden have different personalities is an understatement. My day required a lot of patience. I was reminded of a joke in my family......when God made me and asked if I wanted patience, I said, "no, I don't want to be a physician."  And Jaden clearly is related to me.

Although not all my plans were executed, we did have fun adventures.

Jaden enjoyed playing on two playgrounds.

 We had a coffee and muffin date!

My boys are not ones who typically fall asleep in places other than their beds or strollers, but Jaden was so tired that he did not quite make it to the checkout line. (He insisted on having his hood on.)
He loved making chocolate chip cookies.....maybe had to do with eating the chocolate chips;)

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