Saturday, June 21, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend: Part 2

Several of Nathan’s cousins were visiting his Grandma Eileen in Redwood Falls, MN, so the boys and I met everyone there. Picture speaks enough for itself!
Selfie with Grandma Linda at the restaurant. 
The boys had lots of fun in Brookings and Volga. 
Evan and Jaden- taking over the President's Office at SDSU!
Arts and Crafts at Grandma Linda's
 Shopping with Evan and Elliot in downtown Brookings. What fun helpers!

Unfortunately, it rained on our outdoor activity day....but we took towels to the park, put boots on the boys, and kept the bubble machine in the garage. The boys had fun regardless!
 Grandma makes delicious pudding pops!

 Tired Jaden, Cousin Elliot, Grandma Linda, and Cheesy Evan

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