Sunday, September 7, 2014

End of July in SD!

The end of July I took the boys to South Dakota, and I flew out of Sioux Falls to Tulsa, OK for a conference. The boys got to stay in S.D. for those 4 days, and clearly, they were kept busy!
Evan and Jaden spent a whole day with Auntie in Sioux Falls. Sheels offered hours of entertainment! 

And then a visit to SDSU with Cousin Elliot and Grandma Linda.

A visit to SDSU is not complete without ice cream!!

That Saturday Auntie ran a half marathon around the Lake in Watertown. 
She had a great fan club!

 Everyone had fun on the farm!
 The boys got to play at the zoo with Grandpa Al and Great-Aunt Bondell. 

 I was very thankful for everyone in SD watching the boys. I know they had tons of fun......
and I slept very well in my huge hotel room!!!

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