Monday, February 6, 2012

Can we get some brown sugar with this?!

Evan and Jaden turned 5 months old last week! ‘5 months’ marked the comprising age of when Nathan and I would start solid foods with the boys. I think because the books said you could start at 4 months, Nathan has been ready to go! My thoughts were- they are sleeping well, they were born early, so we’ll wait til 6 months. I was also thinking more dishes, more time, more mess……yup, I think I was right!! But also, more fun to watch them explore and learn what a spoon is, and how it works!

So rice cereal…..sounds so simple. I had to start at the grocery store. I was amazed at how many ingredients were in the box of Gerber rice cereal. I didn’t ever want to be ‘that mom’, but I did end with a box of organic whole grain rice cereal.

Nathan put the highchairs together and they take up way more space than I thought they would……good thing they match the kitchen, I guess! And no, they are not staying right in the middle of our kitchen like they are in the video. You can see that Jaden does a pretty good job of learning how to eat from a spoon……Evan not so much. But he’ll get plenty of practice this month!

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  1. This is so fun to watch! Neat that Aunt Laurie was there for this milestone too! And I like Nathan's narration. :)