Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sneezes, Sniffles and Six-Month Olds!



‘Tis the season…for the dreaded common cold. Our health is definitely something that is taken for granted, until we get sick. It is no fun to see your little 6 month old coughing and sneezing as he looks so helpless. One of the first nights the boys were sick, I jumped out of bed every time I heard one of them cough. I learned the second night to turn down the volume of the monitor! After several doctor’s visits, the boys are finally doing better from RSV—fortunately their oxygen levels were fine, so no hospitalization. On Wednesday, Evan had a nebulizer treatment at the clinic, but they said it didn’t make a difference in his breathing, so their recommendation was to wait it out. Evan and Jaden had their 6-month check ups on Thursday and both are growing well. Evan is catching up to his brother and is just 3 ounces lighter. The doctor gave them a steroid medicine to help with their RSV. After a long night with Evan on Thursday, we followed up with the doctor on Friday. He prescribed nebulizer treatments; whether that was just to help a worried mom or actual treatment, it really does seem to be helping as we all had a good night’s sleep last night and the boys are eating well again.

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