Saturday, June 9, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend in the other ‘Twin Cities!’

It had been a while since we took a long car ride with the boys. Luckily, at 9 months, the babies are fairly portable. There was no ‘are we there yet?’ and no ‘I have to go potty’……..I am guessing this is going to be one of the better ages to travel. Although, looking back, my trips from South Dakota to Illinois would have gone so much faster if I would have had a DVD player, an iPod, well, truly- even an iPad would have sufficed!

Evan and Jaden did very well in the car- entertained by naps, music, and watching the cars go by, or us going by the cars depending on who was driving! 

We had a great weekend with my friends from high school (actually kindergarten through high school) and our families. There were 13 kids from 9 families. It was pretty crazy on Sunday, but fun to watch all of the kids play. There were plenty of toys for the babies inside and fun games for the big kids outside. You just kind of got immune to any fussing or crying!

 Evan, Jaden, Ethan, Lilly

Levi playing with Evan

Norah, Levi, Evan, Jaden, Benjamin, Grant, Ethan, Lilly, Isaac, Nora, Lidia, Madeline

It was so great to make new memories with old friends. It may seem like driving from Normal, IL was a distance to travel, but Monica wins for the most miles -  driving all the way from Lubbock, TX with two little ones! Thanks friends for such a fun weekend!

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