Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Busy Boys

The boys are at that age, (or maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg!), where they are non-stop doing things. Luckily they do like to be near each other, so as they crawl around the house, I am only going in 1 direction following both of them. I have a feeling walking may change that!

They love all their toys – music, lights, even books that don’t make any noise. Here’s a clip of Evan---
catch the adorable wave in the first second!

They both have their unique mannerisms. Evan is very ‘trained.’ Upon command he will wave, clap, do ‘so-big,’ ‘ba’ like a sheep. Jaden doesn’t have as much patience…….or maybe he’s just too busy. He can do all those things if he wants, but instead, he is our babbler. Goi, Goi, Goi is his favorite phrase. Hopefully someday I’ll learn what that means.

This is their alphabet train- Jaden will push Evan around on it. Someday, we'll work on those letters!

Jaden always has to be pushing something when he crawls. And as you can see here--he will use anything he 
can find in the cupboards!

Jaden reading to Evan---trying to share books. 

They are exhausting to keep up with, but so-much-fun!

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