Thursday, December 20, 2012

An Only Child for Today!

It’s official. Mom forgot to pack Evan when we left South Dakota yesterday. I have been looking all over for him, and he’s not here. I bet he is playing tractors with Grandpa Al and singing B-I-N-G-O with Grandma Pam. Hopefully Grandma Linda, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Rachel will have room in their car to bring him tomorrow. I guess in the mean time, I get mom all to myself!!

Yesterday, I slept 6+ hours in the car, so the last thing I wanted to do is go to sleep when mom and dad put me to bed. I threw my blanket and toys into Evan’s crib, but he wasn’t there to throw ‘em back. I screamed instead, so mommy brought me back downstairs to run around…..which I gladly obliged to!! I learned to say ‘Go!’ and I can’t wait to tell Evan that if he lays down on the Santa rug—he’ll get tickled!

Here are some pictures from our quick trip to South Dakota this past weekend. 

Taylor let us play with her pink toys!
 We got to stay at Aunt Laurie's for 3 nights! I loved eating her blueberry muffins!
Great-Aunt Bondell & Great-Uncle Chuck with Evan and me after Sahra's wedding
Grandpa Al & Grandma Pam

 We got to play Grandma Linda's piano. Well, I played it and Evan climbed it!

I want these doors on my bedroom!

And of course Evan got Grandpa Al to pull him around!

Cuddle Time!

We got to meet Jack at the SDSU basketball game! I loved him, but Evan cried!

On our way to Illinois, we made an impromptu stop at the Giuliani's. It was fun to get out of the car and chase their cats all over!

Miss you, Evan!

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