Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adventures with Grandma Linda!

Grandma Pam loaded us into the car and said we were going for a ride, next thing we know we arrived in Volga where Grandma Linda was waiting for us. We thought maybe this is where we would find daddy and mommy, so we ran back and looked in the bedroom they stay in, but they were not there. We were so sad, but Grandma Linda took us to the living room where she keeps the toys. Guess what, there were some new toys and three new balls, so we started playing. Second-cousin Philip, Uncle Kyle, Aunt Rachel and new cousin Elliot all came over to play and eat pizza.
We love pizza so we stuffed our mouths. Grandma was not happy when I started throwing my food on the floor. That was my first boot camp lesson. When I was done eating, I was put on the floor with a bowl and Kyle and Rachel had me pick up the food I had thrown on the floor. I could not believe they were making me do this, but they were serious so I got the job done. All too soon it was bedtime, although don’t tell mom- it was an hour later than when we usually go to bed! Jaden slept in Grandma’s room, and I slept in daddy’s room. Jaden decided to get up at midnight, but Grandma talked him into going back to sleep.  But he showed her – and was up at 6:00 AM!
Another cool, rainy day, so all we could do was look out the glass doors. Grandma has a lot of quack quacks (birds) in her yard. Someone left the bathroom door open, so we picked up some Tupperware and thought the toilet would be a good place to throw them. Wonder why Grandma was not real happy with us? After our naps, we went to Brookings to pick up Aunt Rachel and went to the Children’s Museum.  Wow, what a place. Grandma forgot her camera – now how could she do that!? We loved pushing those green grocery carts. We hooked vegetables to this high thing and watched the vegetables go to the top and drop.   Then we gathered eggs.  Soon Jaden found the climbing thing, so off he and Phil went.  Jaden loved it, but poor Phil was a bit big to get around some of the corners.
Then Jaden heard something – water – really?  Yes, you should have seen all the water!  Phil and Jaden spent a long time in the water room. When Grandma came to get Jaden, he was soaked, but did not care!  I did not want anything to do with the water, so Aunt Rachel and I found the music room til it was time to leave.
What is the bright object outside? – the sun – really!?  Phil came out and helped Grandma get us to church.  Jaden did not even make it through the second hymn before Grandma took him out. I was a good boy and stayed in church the whole time. After our naps, Grandma got out these harnesses with a monkey back pack and put them on us.   We did not mind at all despite the fact that daddy told Grandma we are not dogs. We went for a walk.
Afterwards, we went for a stroller ride (Marcia came over and she pushed our stroller) and Grandma pushed cousin Elliot.
When we got back, Grandma said she was too tired to cook, so we got to eat at McDonalds (again, maybe something we shouldn’t tell mom!). Jaden, loved dipping those French fries into the ketchup. I loved my apples.  Afterwards we got to play at the park, and by the time we got home, we went right to sleep.
We were kind to Grandma and slept in until 7 AM Monday. We ate a good breakfast and then Grandma read books to us. We tried to pronounce the words she was saying. Then Grandma Pam came and off we went to Watertown for the week.
Thanks, Grandma Linda, for a fun time!

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