Friday, July 19, 2013

NKOTB- Chicago!

This post is for my sister…..who let’s be honest, without, I probably wouldn’t have even known who the New Kids on the Block were back in the ‘80’s! That’s what big sisters were for!
I finally got to see a NKOTB concert……25 years later! Thanks for going with Lauren and Sara!!
Although my sister did get see them live in concert with Tiffany at the South Dakota State Fair years ago, she wanted to see them this year…….but long story short, a technical difficulty with communication from Ticketmaster caused us both to be left disappointed last weekend in Minneapolis. However, I was lucky their tour stopped in Chicago this week!
BoyzIIMen opened the concert and did an excellent job. 

 98 degrees was next and I don’t know their songs as well, (built in restroom break time?!)

Then the arena seriously went crazy. It was pretty hilarious to see all of these 30- and 40- somethings females get so excited to see New Kids on the Block!! Aside from a few wrinkles---(from NKOTB, not us of course), they looked like the NKOTB we grew up with. Joey I think grew a little. We had an awesome time rocking to favorites like Hanging Tough, Step by Step, and the Right Stuff. 
 'Summertime'- big beach balls were bounced around the audience. 

 Sooooo close!!
I'll be There
The Right Stuff

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