Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Official SNOW day!

Since this is really truly the last day of Christmas Break (AKA the break-that-never-ends!) I thought the boys should finally get to play in the snow instead of just looking out the window saying, “shovel snow, shovel snow?” Thanks to an idea from a friend, why not bring the snow to the boys………inside!
I’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy hauling 5 gallon buckets of snow inside the house (side note: a great way to get my fitbit flights of stairs in for the day!) After the tub was filled with about 50 gallons of snow……the boys put on their boots, snow suits, and mittens and ventured to where else but the bathtub!
They jabbered the whole way up the stairs when I told them what we were going to do. I’m sure in their twin talk they were saying, “I think mom has gone crazy! There is snow in our house!”
They only stood for about a second in the tub before they dug in and snow went flying! Evan loved to scooped it up with the ‘shovel’ and let it fly.

Of course their mittens didn’t stay on very long!
I knew it was coming……eating the snow! It was like ice cream to them- they couldn’t stop once they started. (Don't worry- I did dig to get snow in the middle so it was as fresh as it could be).

Evan and Jaden were dried off and everything put back normal before Dad came home!! Shhhh!

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