Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cabin Fever!

Apparently, South Dakota Winters can happen in Illinois! It has been a long winter- cold and snowy. Keeping Evan and Jaden occupied, on something other than the iPad, has taken creativity, patience, and a little imagination.
Here are Evan and Jaden's top-ten tips for having fun while staying warm inside!
1. Build lots of forts. Ingredients: an empty coffee table, all the pillows from two couches, and every stuffed animal you can find to lay on top.  

 2. Stay connected to friends with your phones and welcome them to your house by wearing their boots. 

3. Take a day to clean out your pantry. Tip- opening and dumping the food on the floor motivates the parents to organize and clean quicker than just telling them to clean. 

4. Host a concert. Everyone likes to relax to some music. 

 5. Add some Color to your life! 
(note the difference between E & J even in their coloring:)

6. Create a bus! What you need: take a clothes basket, throw all the clothes that are inside of it over the railing from 2nd floor to 1st floor. Then use the empty basket as a bus! Take turns pushing each other around the hall.....for those daring enough, push your brother down the stairs. 
7. Take a nap. Or just pretend. It helps to have kitty-cat sleeping bags made from your Grandpa's shirts:) 
 8. Bake some cookies. Added bonus, work on your alphabet while eating them! 
(note: mom did NOT let us eat the entire J & E cookies!!) 
9. Make a mess. How else will you learn how to clean up? (this mess was made in 3 minutes). 
 10. When all other resources have been exhausted: turn to the iPad!

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