Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Splish-Splash Halloween!

"I need candy!!" A common phrase that is now heard at our house thanks to Halloween!

The weekend before Halloween, our zoo had a 'spooktacular' event where Evan and Jaden got to dress up in their Spiderman costumes. Evan (of course) was a little frightened of some of the costumes......especially the guy dressed as Ronald McDonald! Ha--fine with me!
On Halloween day we drove with friends to the Dells to stay at a waterpark. The resort had a trick-or-treating trail (inside) for the kids. By the end, Evan and Jaden were getting the hang of saying 'Trick-or-Treat!'  
Too much to look at for them to actually all look at the camera at the same time:)
 The Frantz's! 
 The fruits of his labor!
 The boys all had a blast swimming, going down the water slides, floating in the wave pool, and just splashing!

 Clearly this is a tunnel that must be walked through......every time the boys walked by!
Thanks, Brooke, for the fun shirt!!
 The boys loved to climb up....but then always wanted down right away!
 Finally off of their sugar rush, the boys slept the whole way home!!

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