Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Other Rader Farms!

The buzz every fall around Central-Illinois is everyone's trip to Rader Farms. I found it silly to pay money to go to a Rader Farms, when I practically grew up on a Raeder Farms (now if I was inferring I did a lot of work on the farm, my sister may argue this point)! I knew Rader Farms had a corn maze, a pumpkin patch, and likely some animals, but I had no idea all of the other activities for kids! 

I was lucky enough to chaperone Evan and Jaden's classroom trip! It was the hottest day in October, but with so much to do, we literally spent the whole day out there! Here are some highlights!
Miss Colette's Class!
 Enjoying popcorn and a movie about the animals on the farm. 
Hay-rack-ride to the pumpkin patch where they got to pick their own pumpkin!

 They created a pumpkin necklace as they learned about how pumpkins grow. 
 Took a break to hydrate and refuel with our picnic lunches!
 Finally, they got to play!!

 SO much fun, that we took Nathan back after work since our passes were good for the day!

Grandpa Al needs to look into making this with his hydrant. Jaden could play with water ALL day!
 I think I know what they are asking for next year for their birthday......a season pass to the IL Rader Farms:)

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