Saturday, November 19, 2016

Meet Jackson and Evan The Fish!

Thanks to Aunt Laurie, Evan and Jaden are now owners of their first pets!

They were so excited to find fish that were their favorite colors! 
Evan found an orange fish and named it Evan, while Jaden found Jackson, a red beta. 
Yes, if looking closely at the pictures, Evan's fish changed:( The first "Evan The Fish" did not make it through the first day. He surprisingly took the news of the fish's death relatively well. We then opted for another beta fish for him. Which fortunately, has a tint of orange!

Since Nathan has his own 90 gallon tanks to clean, I have taken on the task of weekly water changes. I look forward to putting that on the boys' chore chart as soon as they are capable. Fortunately, they always remember to feed their fish an Uptime Snack. 

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