Sunday, September 24, 2017

Birthday Bash in South Dakota!

Labor Day weekend we enjoyed an end-of-summer trip to South Dakota. We had such a fun time with family celebrating the boys' 6th birthday! The night before their party the kids rode horses. I think Kylie now wants a horse for Christmas!

 What a better place to have a party than at the farm! Check out this playground! Evan's unfiltered excitement when he spotted the obstacle course with a gravity box attached. 

Thanks Aunt Laurie for the piƱata! Filled with sweet treats!
We did make them wait until the very end before the water could be turned on. Who knew how much fun sand, dirt, and water could be?!
Our Family
 Aunt Laurie
 Great-Aunt Bondell
Grandpa Al & Grandma Pam; Cousin Elliot & Grandma Linda

The boys were excited to tell their classmate's all about their fun on the farm!

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