Sunday, October 9, 2011

Adventures with Aunt Laurie!

Cookies for dinner!! Aunt Laurie is in charge!!

Hi. I'm Jaden. I am 5 weeks old and I think naps are for babies and since they call me 'Big Dude' - I'm done with naps!!

Evan's cuddle time! Trying to convince Aunt Laurie to move to Illinois!

We were all so excited to finally have Aunt Laurie come to visit!! The boys picked her up at the airport with a sign, and she had one on-the-job-training with a feeding before I left for an afternoon of faculty meetings. She did awesome with feeding two at a time! The boys were so good on Friday…even during their ‘crabby time’ in the evening, It seems like whenever we have people visiting the boys are angels, but we are not making up this crabby time:)

We had a busy day Saturday with a 5K race in the morning which the boys were supportive spectators. Then Laurie was in charge from 1pm on as we had a baby shower and a wedding to attend. Jaden did not nap much in the afternoon and Evan showed off his evening crabby time. Needless to say, Aunt Laurie never got to nap. I think I heard her say she was exhausted after just 24 hours at our house!

The boys got lots of snuggle time with their Aunt and she figured out some tricks…..although instinct is to rock or sway with a baby, Evan just wants to be held tight and to be still. Talking and singing also helps. Luckily the boys can’t tell that their mom and Aunt are a little flat when they sing! Jaden likes movement, so the swing comes in handy often. The night went very well last night and now we are getting ready to venture to church.

Thank, Aunt Laurie for all of the attention!! The boys will work on their letters, numbers and colors for next time:)


  1. What sweet photos, and what a nice aunt!! Laurie, how can you say no to moving to IL when Evan makes a face like that?

  2. Go Laurie! Good instincts and great pictures!