Friday, October 21, 2011

Barium in a Bottle

Waiting for our friends from Minneapolis......wish the plane wasn't delayed!

Evan.....not to sure about that barium solution, waiting for some real food!

Jaden - exhausted after playing with Mason and Maddox all morning! Thanks, Lauren!

Today Evan had an upper GI x-ray done because of excessive spitting up–including hours after eating. He did a great job during the whole procedure! He had to drink white barium liquid from a bottle while lying on the x-ray table. He chomped on that bottle of barium like it was candy! Then the radiologist turned him from side to side and watched the liquid. The barium passed easily through to the small intestine, so our fear that he may have pyloric stenosis (narrowing of the sphincter that connects the stomach to small intestine) was ruled out! However, we did then watch as the barium solution went the other direction---up the esophagus… he officially has reflux. We’ll keep doing what we have been by trying to keep him upright as much as possible. Jaden doesn’t spit up at all… it’s quite the contrast!

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