Monday, November 21, 2011

What's in a Name?

Evan John and Jaden Edward.

Picking out names….what a big responsibility! For many years, we liked the name “Ethan.” But a couple years ago, many close family and friends also liked that name and named their boys Ethan. So Nathan gave it the twist, and Evan evolved and stuck as our ‘boy’ name. When we found out we were having two boys, it was a challenge to pick the second boy’s name. We could be all rhymey-rhymey like Fred and Ted or same first letters like Bob and Bill. But we decided we wanted two individual names. I searched on online lists of boy’s names. After coming up with a list of my top five, my first choice was Aiden. Nathan had a friend who’s girl is named Aiden, so he was not as certain. After some brainstorming, Jaden was decided.

The boys’ middle names are their Grandpas’ middle names. John for Grandpa Chris John Schumacher and Edward for Grandpa Al Edward Raeder. John is also Nathan’s middle name and Julie’s Grandpa Manus’ name. Without knowing it, we had selected initials ‘E’ and ‘J’ for both boys!

Today I couldn’t imagine Evan and Jaden being named anything else! The names are perfect!

These nutrition facts onesies were a gift from my dietetic interns – snips, snails, and puppy dog tails…….that’s what little boys are made of! Too cute!!

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  1. Love the onesies and love the story! Thank you for posting it!