Monday, January 9, 2012

4 Months Old!

On January 2nd, Evan and Jaden turned 4 months old! They have been growing every day and interacting with us more and more. They are starting to recognize each other more every day as well. When laying on a blanket, they will scoot towards each other and their hands often find the other’s or the other’s head and face:) Jaden remains the morning-person and will wake just a little earlier than Evan during their morning nap to have that extra one-on-one time filled with smiles. Evan is more of the night owl and typically doesn’t nap after he wakes from his afternoon nap around 3pm-ish. He loves lying on his back in the evenings and looking up at the lights or ceiling fans and just ‘talking’ to them!

At their 4-month check up, Evan is succeeding at playing catch-up and weighed in at 12 Pounds, 3 ounces, while Jaden weighed 12 Pounds 10 ounces. (Previously there had always been 1 full pound difference).

Full time day care for the semester begins today! It took both Nathan and I to get all 4 of us out the door on time. I loaded the boys up, and Nathan dropped them off.

Thus begins the rollercoaster schedule of the semester!



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