Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Basketball or naptime??

Evan’s top 5 reasons why an ISU basketball game is better than naptime!

5. Reggie! Wow he is so big! I can’t wait to hug him when I get bigger. I am sure mom will want our picture with him, too!

4. Cheering! It was SO loud in Redbird arena! How fun to see all of the fans on their feet cheering on the Birds. Lots and lots of clapping. During the last minute of the game, though, the cheering got so loud that Jaden and I cried. We didn’t know that the loud screams were screams of victory.

3. A winning team! The Redbirds won by a basket right at the last second! I can’t wait to yell ‘Go Birds’!!

2. Redbird apparel! Mom dressed us in our rompers with a picture of Reggie Redbird on my tummy! We wore jeans, too, to keep us warm. I think I need to tell mom that those jeans are getting too tight, though. Time to move to 3-6 month clothes! We are 4 months old you know.

1. The best thing at that game---the lights! WOW! I have never seen so many bright lights. There were lights everywhere. The scoreboard flashed with color, the ceiling had all different sizes of lights. It was so fun to just stare up and look at all the lights. So much more exciting than naptime!!

Evan looking up at the lights with friend, Jonah.

Jaden catching his 10 minute nap during halftime!

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