Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don't Tell Mom!!

Grandma Pam was here for three full weeks, and Evan and I got to do so many fun things with her. Some of the things even Mom won’t let us do……but Grandma said it was okay!!

 When Aunt Laurie was here, Grandma and Auntie took us shopping, and we both got to sit in a cart like big boys for the first time! Usually mom just keeps us in our car seats and we only go up and down the aisles of grown-up food. But Grandma and Auntie took us to this amazing place they called the  ‘toy aisle’! WOW! I was so excited I couldn’t stop smiling or kicking! I wanted one of everything, well, maybe two of everything so I wouldn’t have to share. Evan just sat back and took it all in. We also went through the pet aisle and silly Grandma found these dog toys that make noise just like Pooh Bear!

On a couple days it was really nice outside and Grandma took us to the zoo. We love the rainforest area. Once, a monkey jumped up and scared me! We can’t wait to pet the goats!

Outside the zoo there is this really big jungle gym set. Grandma put us in the baby swing! Mom never has let us swing before. We loved it! Since Evan and I are so little, we fit in one baby swing, back-to-back. It is like a chair just made for us!

Thanks, Grandma, for carrying us around and picking us up during fussy times. Evan has put on a little weight, so I hope your back doesn’t hurt too much! We had so much fun with you, miss you and love you!!

Our new red ball (from the toy aisle!)      


  1. Loving the Bumbo chairs!! They are so cute and happy. Can't wait for our boys to play Memorial Day weekend!!!

  2. How is it that the boys keep looking older but Grandma Pam keeps looking younger?