Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The boys have enjoyed looking at and playing with all the Easter bunnies and decorations that Grandma Pam brought to our house. Grandma and Aunt Laurie arrived Thursday before Easter, and the boys were spoiled with hugs, kisses, toys, and clothes. Aunt Laurie flew home later on Easter Day, but Grandma Pam is staying for the month of April. She has been my arms, legs, and back when lifting the boys (I know you’re not supposed to lift with your back, but trust me, with two babies, your back gets a work out!) I had umbilical hernia surgery last Thursday, healing has been going well and I’m feeling so much better. Minor detail: I cannot lift more than 10# for SIX weeks…….Evan and Jaden weigh about 16#.

While lying on the couch and watching them play throughout the day for the last week, I have learned even more about each of them. I am exhausted watching Jaden. He is non-stop. And, he really wants attention. So yes, he’s fussier than Evan, but if you interact with him he can be entertained as long as you have the time and energy to play. He rolls over on to his stomach a lot, but then puts his hands back to his sides like ‘flying baby’ which doesn’t get him anywhere except frustrated!! He loves to look outside and music helps calm him down. When he sleeps, he sleeps hard.

Evan really likes his alone time and loves to cuddle. Now that I’ve been feeling better, I’ve had him ‘delivered’ to the couch and he will lay snug next to me and play. (Jaden kicks too much to do this right now!) Evan can giggle. Grandma found that Mickey Mouse is a seriously entertaining character! Evan loves books and doesn’t need all the lights, bells and whistles to keep him entertained.

It was great to have the extra helping hands this weekend. I am frustrated that I cannot pick the boys up and carry them, but I know that they love their Auntie and Grandma-Time.

Aunt Laurie and Grandma took the boys shopping down the toy aisle. Jaden of course was excited for every toy and both just loved this pinwheel.

The Easter Bunny came and Evan loves trying to catch the floating bubbles.

New Easter Outfits from Aunt Laurie

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