Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Miss Lauren's Adventures with Evan & Jaden

Since Nathan and Julie are two of our best friends, I was excited to watch their baby from before Julie was even pregnant.  It just so happened that when she told me she was pregnant with TWINS she was only 5 weeks behind me on my pregnancy with baby #3.  I figured I could handle two babies…three would definitely be interesting unless I somehow grew another arm! 

 Nathan brought me the BEST baby gift in the hospital.  Julie was supposed to be on bedrest, but he smuggled her in.  This is 1 day old Mason squishing his new best friends still in Julie’s tummy for one more week! 

 Evan & Jaden (3 weeks) snoozing with buddy Mason (4 weeks). 

Every time I leave the house with all 3 babies, I am asked if they are triplets.  Of course they aren’t, but sometimes it sure seems like they are!  I can’t even imagine not having Jaden and Evan as a part of our daily lives.  I have always believed that every baby is different, but it amazes me how much that can be true with twins! 

I knew from day one of watching the boys that having a schedule and realistic expectations would be crucial to my sanity.  I like to call the 11:15am – 12:15pm timeframe “screaming hour”.  Everyone is hungry, everyone is tired, and everyone needs a diaper change.  Aside from the feedings, changings, and nap times we do manage to fit in quite a bit of fun!  

 Evan would be happy just sitting outside all day! 

 Jaden says I better give him some attention!

 Evan LOVES music time and reading time!  He is the little snuggler of the group and will sit in my lap as long as I will let him.  He is definitely the relaxed looker and observer of the two! 

 Jaden is the mover and shaker!  He is CONSTANTLY kicking, squirming, and wanting attention.  He loves to throw things and knock towers down.  Jaden loves sensory time because he gets to touch all sorts of cool stuff!  Although now that he has entered the “everything in the mouth stage” we have starting using his feet and that just isn’t quite as much fun! 

We definitely have our days that seem like they might never end or that Julie offers to bring me an alcoholic beverage, but for the most part we have a great routine and our days go smoothly.  I love watching them grow up and can’t wait to see all the trouble they get into!  Nathan and Julie are awesome parents and I am so grateful that I get to be a part of their boys’ early years.   

Best buddies Mason, Evan, and Jaden at 8 months!  

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