Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring into Summer!

The Spring semester is over and summer has begun for us in the Schumacher household! The weather has been perfect to be outside with the boys……and yes, Grandpa Al, they wear their sunscreen!! Nathan and I both love to be outside, so it’s natural for us to bring Evan and Jaden along with us as we teach them to swim, hike, and run……while they teach us to sit and relax! 

Nathan ‘lets’ the boys sit in his lawn (backyard only!) and they are learning to balance while sitting by themselves.  Jaden is scooting and tries to crawl on his hands and knees before his arms give out. 

Sunday we had a picnic lunch at Comlara Park-Lake Evergreen – and then we broke out the baby carriers and hiked around. (Just a little bit so I ease into carrying them). They boys obviously loved being carried around. We hadn’t been to that park in a couple years, and I look forward to going back!

We are definitely putting the miles on the BOB. Whether it’s an evening walk with me or a run with Nathan, they boys instantly relax when the ride takes off. We hope to use it lots this weekend hiking around some parks in MN!

I often walk the boys to a park to swing in the evenings. 
It is fun to watch their faces smile when the swing starts moving!

Pool time!! Yes, the neighborhood pool is open…..and we have gone several times already! Jaden of course does not stop kicking in the pool! Evan takes a little while to cautiously assess the situation, realize that it’s okay, and then will kick and splash. Their personalities are so fun.

Looking forward to much fun this summer. It will be the perfect 50/50 mix of daycare/work and time at home with Evan & Jaden!

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