Monday, July 16, 2012

And on the farm...........

There was a tractor! 
Jaden enjoyed his ride on the tractor!

 Evan wasn't too sure about this thing......


There were some cows!
Evan checking out his cow #26 and his brother's #075

The boys were clearly more interested in the cows than the camera!


There were some hay bales! 


There was a 4-wheeler!

 They were ready to take off.....if only Jaden's legs were longer!


There was a cat!

 Evan and I visited Becca, and Evan got a little worried about this animal that was bigger than he was on all-fours!


There was a dog!

Jaden just LOVED Heather's dog, Bella. He followed Bella around everywhere- it was like this giant stuffed animal that moved! Thankfully Bella is such a calm dog and used to babies!


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